Undeniable Proof...

...That The Information In This Guidebook Really Works!

This page will link you to a scanned copy of a document that Trans Union (one of the big three credit bureaus) sent out to a businessman who used my system.

His bad credit was due to a major business collapse ($5,000,000, yes that is 5 million, in debts). I have never personally seen credit that was worse than his.

It included:

  • bad credit card debt,
  • foreclosed real estate,
  • repossessed cars,
  • bad personal loans,
  • court judgments,
  • liens against property and even a few
  • unpaid medical bills thrown in to the mix.

The only way I was given permission to use this information was by agreeing not to reveal his name.

As you might guess, getting testimonials for this type of guidebook is not an easy job... not because the system doesn't work, but because no one wants to advertise that they have had bad credit. It's embarrassing.

This man is no different, but he was extremely grateful and wanted to help. I wanted a testimonial page here on my web site to show potential customers that my method really works.

I received lots of thank you letters from the people who successfully used my techniques but...

When I contacted them and asked if I could use their name and e-mail address as a reference and a testimonial for my system, they all (very politely) said "no."

Some of them said they would be happy to write me a great, glowing testimonial if I only used their initials and the city they lived in. They didn't want to give out their names. They wanted to put this experience behind them, get on with their lives and to forget this glitch in their credit ever happened.

I was disappointed but, I didn't really blame them.

I thought about using just initials with the testimonials that came in, but I know that whenever I see this type of testimonial... I don't believe them.

They look phoney to me... like somebody made them up. In my real estate business (in the real world), I use "real-name" testimonials from people who have used my services and been extremely happy. Most clients even let me give out their phone numbers. I've come to the conclusion that this is probably not going to happen in this business.

So I had this dilemma...

How was I going to convince people that my system for credit repair really worked?

That is when I came across the businessman I mentioned above with absolutely nightmare credit. His credit report was 9 pages long.

He gave me a copy (with his personal information removed) of the letter he received from Trans Union telling him what they had revised on his credit report. I'm only going to show you page 2 of 9 on his report, because he asked me not to reveal his other personal information.

Click here and you will see a scanned copy of the list of derogatory items on his credit report that were DELETED from his file only 3 weeks after he did what I clearly outlined in the Guidebook. The rest of the deletions occurred over the next few months... remember he had 9 pages of bad credit!

Scanned Copy Of A Corrected Credit Report From Trans Union

I don't know of any more convincing argument that my system for credit repair works than this simple letter. Press the "BACK" button on your Browser to read more!

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