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Here are some folks who have used the techniques in my credit repair e-book. 


The information is obviously changing their lives for the better


Using their insights, you will discover how you can follow in their footsteps and do it too!


Here are the letters and the comments that we have received in the recent past.


All of these are real people and real comments. It is illegal to "create" testimonials. I do not include full names for everyone out of respect for their privacy. 


All of these, very positive, comments were unsolicited. They sent them without me asking. I keep all of these emails on file at my office.



Dear Joe,

Not too long ago, I decided to take a chance and spend
$49.95 on your credit repair "kit" online. I must say
that I would not have known how to go about doing the
things I did if I had not read your e-book, "How To Clean
Your Credit In 60 Days!" about the laws, regulations and
processes for repairing your credit.

In 2 months, EVERYTHING that was wrong on my credit report was fixed, deleted or removed and most of it was because of actions I took from buying your information kit online. Normally I would kick myself for spending money on something like that, but it was DEFINITELY worth it this time.

It makes me very happy that a gamble I took actually paid off! First time in my life I "fought the law" and won!

I thank you very much for your extremely useful information!


Cheryl Wolfe



Dear Joe,


Just a short note of thanks for your system.  I started using it in March and by May-June had so many of the "bad" items removed that now we are able to refinance and have been offered an interest rate of 7%!!!!  We are currently paying 13.9%(obtained before I ordered your book) on a refinance from 3 years ago. 


Thanks a lot!  


Kathy M. - Nebraska



Hello Joe,


I just wanted to thank you and let you know that by purchasing your book on "How To Clean Your Credit In 60 Days!," I was able to obtain a Citibank Platinum Credit Card!

Thank you for putting my life back in order.



Edgar U.



Mr. Crump,

I bought your book on how to clean your credit in 60 days and, thanks to your book, I did! 

I was approved for a new mortgage and I closed on my new house today!!


Thank you.

Audrey E.



Hello Joe,


I found out today that I had five negative items removed from my credit report! 

Thanks a lot.

Rudy G.



Thank you, Joe!

Just wanted you to know that I love this book and I will pass this info on to others so they can get this book also.

Cheryl White




I was very impressed with the wealth of information you provided. Again, thank you for the valuable information.

R. Williams



Hi Joe -

Just a quick follow up to my situation. I've used the forms
in your book to get them (the negative info) taken off my report... as you so rightly counseled! As a result of all this, my bank approved a line of credit for me (unsecured!) for $25,000! The bankers jumped through a few hoops for me and I think it's a done deal.

Anyway, thanks for your support!

Ron F.



Hi Joe,

Here is my feedback... I LIKED YOUR BOOK!
Keep up the great work, Joe


C. Cooper



Dear Joe,

My husband and I bought your book online. We are very aware of what someone with bad credit can run into. I want to thank you for giving me the tools to use in deleting what I have. I have told my friends all about your great help.

I get down on my knees and kiss your feet for helping me get this mess cleared up. Thanks!

R. Tate



Hi Joe,

I purchased your program and I think it's really going to help. I've already received the reports and sent my written reply today. I have three items that have been plaguing my report since '96 and since then I've been a perfect consumer, but I still can't get a break. 


I was fed up with these people and how they think they can control your life because of some bad times or ignorance.

Thanks for your help and may God bless you and your family.

R. Mondro





Thank you for sharing the benefit of your experience 
with those who can really draw upon that experience and use it in a constructive, positive, meaningful way.

Best Regards,

Steve S.



Hi Joe,


I was completely blown away with your book to repair/upgrade my credit! I purchased it so that I could start my adventure into real estate investing.

Thank you.

Eldon T.





By using your information and the accompanying documentation, I was able to get two accounts, that had been reported negatively, completely REMOVED from my report!

Thank you.





I recently purchased your program and have seen tremendous results based on the suggestions that you presented to me!


Being only 23, my credit was not terrible, but definitely not AAA quality.  Now it is well on its way back towards that level. 


Thank you very much for helping me reshape my life!!


Scott T.



Dear Joe,

I LOVED your book which I downloaded as soon as I learned about it on the Internet. I don't want to bore you with trivialities, but I am married to a West Pointer, retired Army Colonel. I was an English professor and we have been married thirty years and have two children, one grown. 

I also have at least six professional licenses from P&C to Life, Accident & Health, NASD, and real estate. I presently run a small consulting business in my home. 

When I went to get my husband a new Jeep, I was told that the rate would be through the roof because of my bad credit, if they would offer me credit at all. I couldn't believe it. We have a substantial income, stock, a standing in the community and money in trust from my father. 

I knew that I had a few late payments when my beautiful father died the year before and I wasps forced to shuttle between New York State and Arizona to help my mother and administer the trust - but that was it. In my innocence, I thought that was the problem, until I ordered the credit report! 

(Joe's NOTE: She goes on to detail many nasty surprises, that she was unaware of, that had popped up on her credit report.)

I absolutely LOVED your book, which downloaded quickly and efficiently. I have found your book to be full of your essence, which comes through as helpful, kind, and quite likable. I thank you sincerely for this book. 

It is the only bright spot in this mess, which came as quite a shock to me. I would make your book mandatory for all business school graduates. If someone like me, with my background, can get injured by bad credit reporting, imagine what would happen to the average person without a financial background?

Thank you again, Joe.

Cheryl Fardink



Hi Joe, 

I had to pay a debt before I bought your book, but guess what? I ordered your e-book and received it within 5-10 minutes as you promised.

I am so glad that you are not letting your readers down. You are truly giving us what you promised (information that we can use). Your book is easy to read and understand. The most important thing to me is that it is not overwhelming and is easy to read. Excuse me while I take a moment to enjoy reading Clean Your Credit.

Take Care,

Wilma W.



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